This is a hobby blog documenting the (mis)adventures of the YummyPandas. It is generally a food+travel+experience site and in between you’ll see our pet cats, because, well, they’re family.

Just a word of warning, if we do get an invitation to blog about an establishment or event, we’ll make sure that we explicitly mention it in the post and we RESERVE the right to tell it as it is. We’re happily employed and can afford to pay for our own travel and meals ha ha ha.

The opinion expressed in this blog/post are all based on personal preference. We don’t pretend to be experts, we just tell it as it is based on how we love/hate (or anything in between) the food or experience. One more thing, we don’t get paid to make any product/restaurant endorsement – we’re just really opinionated pandas. Just a word of precaution, pictures can look good but it may not translate to actual good food.


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  1. Hi,
    Love your photos! I’m doing an article on Mexican food, I work for a publishing company here in Cebu City. We basically distribute magazines for international book fairs (we’re doing our Guadalajara issue atm). Hey, I’d love to feature your work, would like to know if you’re interested in contributing some of your photos? Please send me a text on 09984558651 or email me. I’m trying to meet a deadline this Friday, can’t wait to hear from you! 🙂

      1. Fantastic! 🙂 I’ll be needing the high-res photos though (this will be for print man gud sa magazine), any Mexican/Spanish cuisine photo that you have would be awesome. Can I get your full name please and contact details so I can give proper credit? Please, please, please contact me via phone or email them to me janette.tolentino@cri.clickablebrand.com. Can’t wait to hear from you, excited! 🙂

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