Curry House Coco Ichibanya

I have been obsessing about this new place in what I call the Japanese strip in Mabolo, the left wing of the Bonifacio District, Cebu City.

Coco Ichibanya specializes in curry, Japanese curry to be exact. And they don’t just have meat or veggies in curry sauce and rice. They have curry dishes that are quite interesting. They have curry gratins, omelette curries, tempura in curry and so much more. You can also customize your dish by mixing and matching different ingredients from other dishes they have on the menu.

I visited twice. I got the vegetable curry on my first visit and the spinach curry with extra croquettes on my second. Both are great. I think it’s the sauce. Creamy. Rich. Well-balanced. Spicy. I usually ask for level 2.


Service is impeccable. They get your order right away. Within 10 minutes your dish is served even during dinner or lunch time. The staff makes sure you have your glass filled with water. This is very important for me as it tells me they are paying attention.

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Thank God for veggie options. #cocoichibanya

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All in all, this place is a 15 stars out of 10. And did I mention that they have the best coffee. 🙂


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