Visiting Old Friends Discovering New Flavors at Wady’s Bistro

I kept my promise. It took almost 6 or 8 years (i can’t remember the exact year) that I last visited Davao, south of the Philippines. The last time was for work, this time it’s for vacation. The last time, I was introduced to Zabadani an Arabic restaurant that served the most gorgeous hot belgian chocolate drink that I had to meet the owner. I also promised then that next time I’m in Davao I’ll visit his restaurant. Along the way, they opened a restaurant in Lapu Lapu but it closed eventually, and as history moved forward, Wady (the owner) re-opened a bistro in Davao called Wady’s Bistro.

Wady’s Bistro is an Arabic-Filipino Bistro and Casual Restaurant best known for its Kabsa, Biryani, Layered Coffee, Belgian Chocolate, Turn-overs. (quote from their Facebook Page)

Fast forward to the present and here we are in Davao again, spent a night in the city before crossing over to Samal Island for our much needed #vitaminsea. Before we headed to our hotel in the city, the first order of the day, after literally landing in Davao, is to get a cab and head off to Wady’s where I got to see my old friend and indulge in good food.

And no, we didn’t ask for discounts, nor did we ask for any freebies because that’s how you support your friends, by doing business with them. And as expected, the service was exceptional, the attention – personal. The most lovely part is having Wady sit with us and have a conversation about a lot of things (from perfumes, to extracts, to scents, business, life). It also helps that he traces his roots in Cebu but we found ourselves toggling between English, Tagalog, Bisaya as the usual case if you live in Davao.

For late lunch, SeriousPanda ordered his Falafel with Pita Bread (which he swears is the absolute bomb, okay, that’s not a nice pun hmmm) and I ordered the Arabic Kabsa chicken set meal.

Boneless chicken thigh marinated and cooked in heavenly spices, served with biryani rice and a side of salad with a fragrant rosemary and olive oil vinaigrette dressing. Mixing new+traditional+comfort food in one plate, and yey, it had more vege so I don’t have to feel that uber guilty digging in.

To share, we got the Samboosak, the Arabic version of the samosa, empanada or pocket pie, except this one is stuffed with more vegetables, fried to a crisp, served with what we thought was mayonnaise but was actually a garlic sauce and ketchup (weird, but it works)

Dessert was the hot belgian chocolate, and despite my efforts to pay for the drink, Wady gave it for free just because we’re friends. Okay, just as I remembered it, fantastic, not so sweet, rich, creamy, smoky. Worth the trip to Davao to see an old friend and reminisce about a flavor that I haven’t had in a long time but never forgotten the experience.

Thanks for the hospitality my friend!

Food 4/5
Price 5/5
Portion 4/5
Total 13/15 – that’s a biased review from my end ha ha ha

The opinion expressed in this blog/post are all based on personal preference. We don’t pretend to be experts, we just tell it as it is based on how we love/hate (or anything in between) the food or experience. One more thing, we don’t get paid to make any product/restaurant endorsement – we’re just really opinionated pandas. Just a word of precaution, pictures can look good but it may not translate to actual good food.

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