Welcome to Home (Balai)

Welcome Home. Well, that’s a pretty good pun as the name of the cafe is Balai (a bisaya, ilonggo word that translates to “home”). Cebu City has a number of cafes setting up in literally every corner (or village) that’s not the usual “brand” name cafes, each has its own charm and quirky offering.

They offer a pretty good selection of coffee, non-coffe drinks, juices, meals and desserts. Their specialty is the Farooj roasted chicken and it is deelish. Went out with a couple of friends for dinner and we ordered the Farooj Chicken Plate, Pan Roasted Salmon, Mushroom soup, assorted coffee and capped off the night with leche flan and the mango float.

The place is an old house converted into a restaurant-cafe and made more interesting with outdoor and indoor dining spaces, art decoration, murals that make it, well, homey and “relaxed”. And relax we did over good conversation and good food!

Good conversation, good company, good food, good “feels” make it a home-away-from-home

Food – 3.5/5
Portion – 4/5
Price – 3.5/5
Overall 11/5



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