The Daily Grind (Freshly Ground Coffee)

It’s a clever take and name for a coffee shop that uses freshly ground roasted coffee beans. The best part is that it’s a neighborhood cafe where I can get my breakfast (all day) and all sorts of other food options. I’m not much of a coffee person (hardly an expert) but I found it interesting that they have a limited menu that features the “Manual Brew” that allows you to choose local coffee beans from Mt. Apo that they claim has raspberry undertones and the Kenyan blend that is more “pineapple”. I would have to ask SeriousPanda to try it so he can do a proper review (because he’s the coffee addict).

My primary criteria in a cafe is ideally somewhere close to home (it’s right in the middle of a residential neighborhood, and acts as the food place for the bed+breakfast and co-working space right behind it), reasonable price (absolutely affordable, according to my budget – coffee selection range from Php 80 – Php 120), food (they serve pasta, meals, breakfast sets, muffins) and internet connection (it’s limited, 2 hours tops, but it’s fast and allows me to work).

It also helps that the place and ambiance is quirky and cool, predominantly white and black, my fave colors. Speaking of which, my coffee drink of choice is the White Brew (cafe, milk, cream) – think Bailey’s or Kahlua without the alcohol and already has a sweet undertone (because of the cream) but you can choose to give it a sugar syrup shot.

I used to head out to Offroads or to Cafe Dessart but this is fast becoming my go-to place if I want to just chill, relax and feel like I’m in my backyard.





The opinion expressed in this blog/post are all based on personal preference. We don’t pretend to be experts, we just tell it as it is based on how we love/hate (or anything in between) the food or experience. One more thing, we don’t get paid to make any product/restaurant endorsement – we’re just really opinionated pandas. Just a word of precaution, pictures can look good but it may not translate to actual good food.

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