Another Tuna Sandwich Review

Yeah. I’m a little obssessed lately with tuna sandwiches. If you read my older posts, the best, for me, is Cafe Caw’s. I am basically in love with it but I am still in the look out for the best.

So it is to no surprise that I will do another review of a tuna sandwich I tried recently. This review is all about French Baker’s tuna sandwich.

French Baker is a big bakery chain in the Philippines. Hence, I had expectations. The branch I went to was the one in SM City Cebu.


It looks great on pictures but I was disappointed when they handed me over the plate. The sandwich was small given that I can get a tuna sandwich for around a hundred pesos from a nearby kiosk. I felt depressed, really.


The bread had a nice toast but the tuna salad was lacking. I couldn’t taste what’s in between the two slices of whole wheat toast. Honestly, I appreciated the side salad and chips more than my sandwich. The salad dressing was sweet and tangy. The chips had a sour cream and onion flavor. Not just plain salt and pepper.


For 215 pesos, I was expecting something better. Not worth it.


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