Cafe Dessart (A Quick Review)

What’s great about Cebu (the City) is that there are pockets of hidden gems all around the city and great finds can be found in the most unlikely places. F. Cabahug in Kasambagan/Mabolo is fast becoming a happening place with a number of hip clubs like Icon, the first ever 24 hour grocery place (Wellcome), a Karting Zone, a commercial/restaurant hub Bonifacio High Street where you can find a number of good restaurants and a whole lot more to include in this post.

One such place is Cafe Dessart in Northwood Square, a good place that offers coffee and pinoy dessert/pastries elevated into something new like the otap coated with chocolate or stuffed with cream cheese, the silvana balls that comes in different flavors (mocha, nutella, lotus), waffles, pancakes etc.

The only thing that I suggest they add to their menu is a tea selection as there are days that I really don’t want any coffee and the only other “non” coffee options are the green tea matcha latte (hot or cold), softdrinks and bottled water.

They also have meals and a number of quirky dishes, though truth to be told, it’s generally a hit and miss and they have this way of recycling the same sort of ingredients. A personal fave which is very different from the rest of the usual food items is the adobo sliders, good value for money.

The ambiance is also very nice, open space and not so crowded (well, the coffee and food items are on the expensive side) plus they have pretty good internet connection, which makes it perfect since I do a lot of off-site work and need fast internet.

It also helps they have very kind and courteous staff, always ready with a smile.

Price 2/5
Portion 3/5
Food 3/5
Overall 8/15



The opinion expressed in this blog/post are all based on personal preference. We don’t pretend to be experts, we just tell it as it is based on how we love/hate (or anything in between) the food or experience. One more thing, we don’t get paid to make any product/restaurant endorsement – we’re just really opinionated pandas. Just a word of precaution, pictures can look good but it may not translate to actual good food.

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